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About Us

Welcome to Wisdom Valley Convent School!
We at WVCS are committed to encouraging students to be themselves and to go beyond their comfort zones. We teach our youngsters to enjoy thinking, exploring, and learning.
With her magnificent and unparalleled passion, our Founder Mrs. Mrinalini Tripathi wishes to pave an excellent path for her students. Her passion towards imparting education is aimed at lifelong learning.  
A visual panorama is presented in a sweeping 2 acres eco-friendly environment. The institution’s architectural quality is a precursor to its intellectual success. We’ve developed an environment in which people can feel comfortable, secure, spontaneous, and happy.

Mrinalini Tripathi

About Our Principal

A parachute needs great force  and an open sky to expand to the fullest,  so before it reaches down it sails smoothly without hassles. – Sonia Sharma 

Keeping this in mind we at Wisdom Valley Convent School ignite our students mind. Our aim is to create enquiring, curious and inquisitive mind who eagerly are ready with new concepts and methods to make their learning easy and understandable. Our class presentations and assembly activities make students more confident for public speaking and removing mic fear. We create an environment where the students learn and grow for excellence.

Certified Care

A very committed individual among eminent educationists, an outstanding leader with inspiration and commitment, a leading figure of Educational Institutions, with a vision ahead of her era, which is unparallel and deeply rooted in the rich human values and ethics is our Founder and Chairman Mrs. Mrinalini Tripathi. Her passion towards imparting education is aimed towards lifelong learning. Her brain child Wisdom Valley Convent School was established in the year 2017. She is an epitome of discipline and dedication. Wisdom Valley Convent School, Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi in the year 2017. The school is Co-educational from Nursery to Class-X. Wisdom Valley Convent School is situated at Ruchi Khand. In a sprawling eco-friendly environment and budding environment for your kid.

Why Choose Us

We seek to nurture the all-round development of knowledge, attitude, skills, social and moral values in every student via excellence in curriculum, pedagogy, and teaching practices because every kid is unique. There is an abundance of knowledge and information in the globe. We study a variety of disciplines at school, including history, biology, the arts, literature, arithmetic, physics, physical education, geography, and many others, ensuring that we retain a holistic approach to the children.

“Discipline is where we come in action!”.

Apart from giving education, we ensure that the students are guided toward leading disciplined lives. Discipline is the ability to do what needs to be done. Practice not only allows us to build a positive mindset, but it also allows us to focus on our studies and future goals.

Qualified Teachers
We have the best teachers from around who will ensure that you kid is nurturing and learning.
Providing an overall personality is our duty as an institution, which we ensure is inculcated in our premises.
Quality Education
Quality of education is directly proportional to the quality of teachers, and we have the best ones.
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